Mosquitos FAQs

Do I have to be home?

Yes, on the initial treatment we would need you there to show us your property boundaries.

Do you do special events such as a wedding?

Yes we do and we would be glad to help you! A special event would be treated 1 to 2 days prior to the event.


We use a spray that is children, pet safe, and will take care of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. The Mosquito pros will do everything for you, clean out gutters, empty standing water that is around your property to insure that the mosquitos are not breeding in these spots as these are breeding grounds for them. Their spraying season lasts 6 months and is a package deal.

The spray lasts about 30 days and should be applied every month to insure no breading of mosquitos. You might enjoy the outside, but probably not the pests infiltrating your yard or home. When you feel a mosquito, tick, or flea infestation coming, call the pros at Mosquito Pros!

Organizations WE BELONG TO

Illinois Agriculture
Illinois Mosquito & Vector Association